.CKT File Extension

A .CKT file is a CircuitMaker File, created by Altium.

Open with Altium Designer. Available for Windows.

What is a .CKT file?

The file extension .CKT represents a CircuitMaker File, which is used for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs). These files are created using CircuitMaker, a software program specifically designed for laying out and designing electronic circuits. The .CKT file allows users to build electronic circuits and also test them through simulations within the software.

To open a .CKT file, you can use Altium Designer, which is a comprehensive electronic product design software. Altium Designer has replaced CircuitMaker and offers a more extensive set of tools for designing a wide variety of electronic hardware, not just PCBs. It provides a unified interface for all stages of product development, making it a versatile choice for electronic designers.

Although CircuitMaker is no longer being developed, its files can still be accessed and used in Altium Designer. Another program that used to open .CKT files is MicroCode CircuitMaker, but this software has been discontinued. Therefore, if you need to work with .CKT files, Altium Designer is the recommended software to use.


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