.CL2 File Extension

A .CL2 file is a HY-TEK Meet Results File, created by HY-TEK Sports Software.

Open with HY-TEK Sports Team Manager. Available for Windows.

What is a .CL2 file?

The file extension .CL2 refers to a HY-TEK Meet Results File. This type of file is generated by HY-TEK Sports Software, which is designed to help users organize and manage sporting events. The software is particularly useful for scheduling events and recording the results of competitors. A .CL2 file includes important details such as the names of participants, the events they took part in, and their scores. The content of the file is stored in a simple, plain text format, making it easy to view and edit with basic text editors.

To open a .CL2 file, you can use specific programs developed by HY-TEK, such as HY-TEK Sports Team Manager or HY-TEK Sports Personal Swim Manager. These applications are tailored to handle the data contained in .CL2 files efficiently, allowing for effective management and analysis of meet results.

It's important to note that the .CL2 file format has been succeeded by the .HYV file format. The newer .HYV format is capable of storing additional information about the meet, providing enhanced capabilities for users to track and analyze sporting event data more comprehensively.


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