.CLI File Extension

A .CLI file is a Grand Theft Auto Clip Data File, created by Rockstar Games.

Open with Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 4. Available for Windows.

What is a .CLI file?

The .CLI file extension is associated with Grand Theft Auto IV, which is a video game that lets players explore a fictional city called Liberty City, similar to New York City. The .CLI file is a type of game file known as a Grand Theft Auto Clip Data File. It is used by the game to store instructions that help recreate and show a replay of specific scenes within the game, such as a character's death. Importantly, these files do not contain actual video footage.

To view or use these .CLI files, you need to have Grand Theft Auto IV installed on your computer. The game includes a feature where you can use these files to watch replays of game scenes. The specific location where these files are typically stored is in the "Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\Videos\Clips" folder on your computer.

If you want to share these clips with others or view them outside of the game, you must first convert them into a more common video format. Grand Theft Auto IV provides a video editor that can render these .CLI files into .WMV video files, which are widely supported by various media players and can be easily shared.

In summary, .CLI files are used by Grand Theft Auto IV to store instructions for replaying certain actions or scenes in the game. These files are opened using the game itself, and can be converted to video files using the game’s built-in video editor.


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