.CMD File Extension

A .CMD file is a Windows Command File, created by Microsoft.

Open with File Viewer Plus — Get it from Microsoft+. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CMD file?

A .CMD file is a type of script file used on Windows computers. It contains commands written in plain text that your computer can execute to perform various tasks. These tasks might include automating repetitive actions like opening files, converting file formats, backing up data, or even setting your computer to turn off at a specific time.

The .CMD file is similar to a .BAT file, another type of script file, but they are used in slightly different environments within Windows. CMD files were first used with the release of Windows NT in the early 1990s and are compatible with all subsequent versions of Windows.

To use a CMD file, you can simply double-click on it, or you can run it through the Command Prompt application on your Windows computer. To do this, you need to open Command Prompt, navigate to the folder where the CMD file is located using the 'cd' command, and then type the name of the CMD file and press "Enter." For example, if your CMD file is named "Example.cmd" and it's located in a folder named "The_folder" on your C: drive, you would type: ``` C:\Path_to\The_folder>Example.cmd ``` and then press "Enter." You can open and edit CMD files using basic text editors like Notepad or WordPad, which are included with Windows. More advanced text editors like Notepad++ or File Viewer Plus can also be used and might offer more features like syntax highlighting. If you're using a Mac, you can open CMD files in a Windows environment set up through Parallels Desktop. There are also options to run these files on other platforms using software like WineHQ.

When creating or editing CMD files, make sure to save them with the .cmd extension to ensure they are recognized and executed correctly by Windows. This distinguishes them from plain text files, which have a .txt extension.


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