.CME File Extension

A .CME file is a Crazy Machines Experiment File, created by March Networks.

Open with March Networks Command Player. Available for Windows.

What is a .CME file?

A .CME file is a type of file known as a Crazy Machines Experiment File. It is specifically used to store video data that is encrypted in the Command Multimedia Evidence (CME) format. This format is primarily used to keep surveillance videos secure. These files are often created and used by March Networks Command, a software system frequently utilized by system administrators, security personnel, and investigators to manage and review surveillance footage.

The content in a .CME file is encrypted, which means it has been converted into a secure format to prevent unauthorized access. This ensures that the surveillance video stored within the file cannot be viewed by anyone who does not have the proper permissions or the specific software required to open it.

To view the contents of a .CME file, you must use the March Networks Command Player. This program is designed to decrypt and play the video files safely and securely, ensuring that only authorized users can access the sensitive information contained within. Other programs cannot open or play .CME files because they do not have the necessary decryption capabilities that the March Networks Command Player has.


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