.CMI File Extension

A .CMI file is a Compiled OCaml Interface, created by Inria.

Open with OCaml. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CMI file?

A .CMI file is a type of file known as a Compiled OCaml Interface file. It is used in programming, specifically in applications developed using the OCaml programming language. OCaml is a programming language used for creating software applications, and it allows developers to write code in a way that is efficient and easy to manage.

The .CMI file contains important information such as data type definitions and variable definitions. These definitions are crucial because they tell the OCaml program how to handle different kinds of data and variables within the application. Essentially, .CMI files help ensure that the pieces of the program work together correctly.

These files are not written directly by programmers. Instead, they are generated automatically when the programmer compiles OCaml source code files, which have extensions .ML (for OCaml source code) or .MLI (for OCaml interface source code). Compiling is the process of transforming the human-readable source code into a format that the computer can more easily understand and execute.

To open or work with a .CMI file, you would typically use the OCaml programming environment. This environment provides the necessary tools to compile, manage, and execute OCaml programs, including those that use .CMI files. There are no commonly used alternative programs for opening .CMI files because they are specifically tied to the OCaml environment.

In summary, if you are working with OCaml and encounter a .CMI file, you are dealing with a compiled interface file that is essential for the application you are developing or using. You would handle these files through the OCaml programming tools.


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