.CMO File Extension

A .CMO file is a ASUS BIOS File, created by ASUS.

Open with ASUS BIOS. Available for Windows.

What is a .CMO file?

A .CMO file is a type of ASUS BIOS File specifically used by ASUS computers that operate on the Windows operating system. This file contains a BIOS profile, which is essentially a set of saved settings and instructions that help the computer's hardware initialize and run correctly when it starts up. For example, the file might include settings like whether the fast boot option is enabled, which affects how quickly the computer starts, or settings related to the computer's boot performance mode.

To open or use a .CMO file, you need to use the ASUS BIOS utility, which is a program typically accessed during the computer's startup process. This utility is not available on Mac computers; it is only for Windows-based ASUS computers.

.CMO files are often saved onto a USB flash drive. To use the file to configure or update the BIOS settings on an ASUS computer, you would follow these steps: 1. Insert the USB drive that contains the .CMO file into the computer. 2. Turn on the computer. 3. As the computer starts, enter the BIOS setup program. This usually involves pressing a specific key such as F2, DEL, or ESC as the computer boots up. 4. Within the BIOS setup utility, navigate to the "Tools" menu and select the option "Load from File." 5. Choose the USB drive where the .CMO file is stored. 6. Select the .CMO file and confirm your choice to load the BIOS profile settings from the file.

It's important to note that BIOS, which stands for "Basic Input/Output System," is critical firmware that helps your computer's hardware communicate effectively with its operating system during startup. Handling BIOS files should be done with care, as incorrect settings can affect the functionality of your computer.


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