.CMR File Extension

A .CMR file is a Coach Results File, created by Naviter.

Open with Naviter SeeYou. Available for Windows.

What is a .CMR file?

A .CMR file is known as a Coach Results File. It is specifically used in the context of aviation sports like gliding, hang gliding, and paragliding. This type of file is utilized by a program called SeeYou, which is a popular tool among pilots of these sports for planning and analyzing their flights.

The content of a CMR file includes a satellite image that covers a specific region of the United States. This image is formatted into a grid that represents latitude and longitude coordinates, making it easier for pilots to navigate and plan their routes accurately. The file is saved in a special type of image format known as a proprietary raster format. This format is beneficial because it maintains high-resolution quality even when you zoom in and out, providing clear and detailed visuals.

To open a CMR file, you will need to use the Naviter SeeYou software. This program is designed to work with CMR files and supports the features necessary to view and utilize the data contained in these files effectively.

Typically, CMR files are stored on a computer in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Naviter\SeeYou\maps\CMR. This standard location makes it easy for the SeeYou program to access and load the files when needed.

In summary, if you are a pilot involved in gliding or similar sports and use the SeeYou software for flight planning and analysis, the .CMR file extension will be essential for accessing detailed, high-resolution maps of U.S. regions formatted for easy navigation and route planning.


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