.CMS File Extension

A .CMS file is a Content Management System, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Connection Manager Administration Kit. Available for Windows.

What is a .CMS file?

The file extension .CMS is associated with the Content Management System file type. Specifically, a .CMS file is used by Windows Connection Manager, which is a tool designed to help system administrators manage remote connections for users. This file contains essential configuration details about a user's operating system and the permissions necessary to establish a remote connection to a network.

.CMS files are created using the Connection Manager Administrator Kit (CMAK), a program provided by Microsoft. These files play a crucial role in setting up secure and efficient remote connections, particularly for users who need to access network resources from outside the office environment.

For instance, a network administrator in a company might use CMAK to create a .CMS file as part of a profile setup for an employee. This profile enables the employee to connect to the company's network remotely, which is especially useful if the network is secured by measures like a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or if the connection needs to go through an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The .CMS file, along with other configuration files such as .CMP and .INF, is often packaged into an executable (.EXE) file by the administrator. This package is then distributed to the remote user. Once the user runs the executable on their system, the settings are implemented, allowing them to connect to the network as intended.

To open or work with a .CMS file, you would typically use the Microsoft Connection Manager Administration Kit. This tool is specifically designed to handle such files and is primarily used by network administrators or IT professionals involved in managing remote access to networks.


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