.CMZ File Extension

A .CMZ file is a Compressed Poser Camera Set File, created by Bondware.

Open with Bondware Poser. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .CMZ file?

The file extension .CMZ represents a Compressed Poser Camera Set File. This type of file is associated with Poser, a software application designed for 3D figure modeling and animation. Specifically, a .CMZ file contains data about the positions of various cameras within the Poser program. These camera positions are crucial as they define the different viewing angles and perspectives from which a model or scene in Poser can be viewed.

When you work with Poser to create or animate 3D models, you can set up multiple camera views to capture different angles of the scene. The .CMZ file stores these setups in a compressed format, which helps save space on your computer compared to the uncompressed version, which uses the .CM2 file extension.

To open a .CMZ file, you will need to use Bondware Poser. This program allows you to load the camera settings stored in the .CMZ file into your current Poser project, enabling you to view or modify the camera angles as originally defined or create new ones based on the existing setup.

It's important to note that Poser was originally developed by Smith Micro but was acquired by Bondware in June 2019. Therefore, the latest versions of Poser under Bondware's management are the recommended applications for opening .CMZ files.


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