.CNA File Extension

A .CNA file is a Catena Project File, created by OpEx Software.

Open with OpEx Catena. Available for Windows.

What is a .CNA file?

The file extension .CNA refers to a Catena Project File. This type of file is used by Catena, which is a software program designed to help businesses enhance their performance. The main focus of Catena is on improving aspects such as quality, service, and profitability. When you create a project in Catena, it saves the information in a .CNA file.

This .CNA file is typically stored within a specific project folder. Alongside this file, there is usually a Toolkit folder. This Toolkit folder contains additional data that is related to the project, helping to organize and manage various project components effectively.

To open a .CNA file, you will need to use the OpEx Catena software. This is the program specifically designed to work with Catena Project Files, and it allows you to access and manipulate the data stored in these files. If you do not have OpEx Catena installed on your computer, you will not be able to open .CNA files.


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