.CRASH File Extension

A .CRASH file is a Mac OS X Crash Log File, created by Apple.

Open with Apple CrashReporter. Available for Mac.

What is a .CRASH file?

The .CRASH file extension is used for a type of file known as a Mac OS X Crash Log File. These files are generated by a program called CrashReporter, which is included with the Mac OS X operating system. The purpose of CrashReporter is to record detailed information whenever an application on the Mac crashes. This information is very useful for understanding what went wrong and for fixing the issue.

A .CRASH file contains data about the state of the computer at the time of the crash. This includes a timestamp showing when the crash occurred, which program was involved, and a memory dump that captures the condition of the program at the time of the crash. This detailed information helps in diagnosing problems with software and can be used to improve the applications.

To view or manage .CRASH files, you can use several programs that are built into the Mac OS X system. These include: 1. **Apple CrashReporter** - This is the program that initially creates the .CRASH files. 2. **Apple Console** - This utility allows you to view .CRASH files in a user-friendly format. It organizes and displays logs and crash reports to make them easier to read. 3. **Apple TextEdit** - Since .CRASH files are saved in plain text format, you can also open them with TextEdit if you want to see the raw data.

.CRASH files are typically named using a specific format: `[program]_[date]_[number]_[machine name].crash`. For example, a crash file for the Safari browser might be named something like `Safari_2009-01-01_11223_my-iMac.crash`.

These files are stored in the `/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports` directory on your Mac. There is also a shortcut to this location in the `/Library/Logs/CrashReporter` directory.

If you experience a crash, you can choose to send these .CRASH files to Apple by selecting the "Report..." option that appears after a crash. This helps Apple improve their software and fix bugs. Additionally, you can find these files in the Console application under the "Log List → DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION → User Diagnostic Reports" section, especially if you are using Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

In summary, .CRASH files are important for diagnosing and understanding issues that cause applications to stop working on Mac OS X. They can be viewed and managed using tools provided within the operating


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