.CRDOWNLOAD File Extension

A .CRDOWNLOAD file is a Chrome Partially Downloaded File, created by Google.

Open with Google Chrome. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .CRDOWNLOAD file?

A .CRDOWNLOAD file is a type of file that is created by web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Chromium when you start downloading something. This file represents a download that is currently in progress. The ".crdownload" at the end of the file name is just a temporary label that the browser uses to indicate that the file isn't fully downloaded yet.

Here’s how it works: When you download a file using one of these browsers, the browser starts saving the downloaded data into a file with a .crdownload extension in your computer's "Downloads" folder. This helps the browser keep track of the download’s progress.

If the download finishes successfully, the browser will remove the ".crdownload" extension, and the file will change to its correct format (like .pdf, .mp3, etc.). However, if the download gets stopped halfway—for example, if your internet connection drops or if you pause the download—the .crdownload file won’t disappear. It will stay in your "Downloads" folder, and you can usually resume the download by reopening the browser and continuing from where it left off.

The names of these .CRDOWNLOAD files can vary: 1. They might start with "Unconfirmed" followed by some numbers, and end with ".crdownload" (e.g., Unconfirmed 12345.crdownload). 2. Or, they might be named after the file you are downloading, with ".crdownload" added at the end (e.g., myMovie.avi.crdownload).

To open a .CRDOWNLOAD file, you generally don’t need any special program other than the browser that started the download. These files are not meant to be opened directly because they are incomplete. If you see a .CRDOWNLOAD file, the best thing to do is to try to resume the download through the browser. Once the download is complete, the file will automatically convert to its intended format, and then you can open it as usual.

In summary, .CRDOWNLOAD files are temporary and are used by certain web browsers to manage downloads. They are not complete files and typically cannot be used until the download is fully completed.


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