.DB.CRYPT File Extension

A .DB.CRYPT file is a WhatsApp Encrypted Database, created by WhatsApp.

Open with WhatsApp Viewer. Available for Windows.

What is a .DB.CRYPT file?

A .DB.CRYPT file is a special kind of file used by WhatsApp Messenger on Android phones. WhatsApp Messenger is an app that lets people send messages to each other for free. The ".DB.CRYPT" part of the file name tells us that the file is a database (that's what "DB" stands for) and that it's encrypted, meaning it's locked to keep the information safe and private.

These files are created as backup copies of the information that WhatsApp needs to work. Depending on what's backed up, a .DB.CRYPT file might include a history of all the messages a person has sent and received, the stickers they use in chats, their chat settings like wallpaper or notification sounds, or the order in which they rank their contacts based on how often they interact with them.

Because these files are encrypted, you can't just open them with any program to see what's inside. However, there are specific tools designed to help with this. One such tool is WhatsApp Viewer, which can be used to view the contents of a .DB.CRYPT file. This program can be especially useful if you need to access your message history or other data from a WhatsApp backup on an Android device. Additionally, the WhatsApp Messenger app itself can use these files to restore your message history or other data when you reinstall the app or switch to a new phone, ensuring you don't lose your important conversations and settings.


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