.DDWSCAN File Extension

A .DDWSCAN file is a Disk Drill for Windows Recovery Session, created by CleverFiles.

Open with CleverFiles Disk Drill for Windows. Available for Windows.

What is a .DDWSCAN file?

A .DDWSCAN file is a special kind of file that is made by a program called Disk Drill for Windows, which is made by a company called Clever Files. This program helps people find files they thought were lost or deleted from their computer. When you use Disk Drill to look for these lost files, it searches through your computer's hard drive and creates a .DDWSCAN file. This file is like a list or a record that shows all the files the program found that you might want to get back.

Think of it like when you make a list of items you need to find in your house. Once you have the list, you can go through it and check off the items as you find them. Similarly, after Disk Drill makes this .DDWSCAN file, you can open it in the Disk Drill program and see all the lost files it found. Then, you can choose which ones you want to recover and save back to your computer.

To open a .DDWSCAN file, you need to have the Disk Drill for Windows program installed on your computer. Once you have Disk Drill, you can open the program, and it will let you open the .DDWSCAN file. From there, you can look at the list of lost files and pick the ones you want to bring back. This is very helpful if you accidentally deleted something important or if something went missing and you're not sure why.


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