.DLTEMP File Extension

A .DLTEMP file is a UC Browser Temporary Download File, created by UCWeb.

Open with UCWeb UC Browser (Discontinued). Available for .

What is a .DLTEMP file?

A .DLTEMP file is a type of file that gets created temporarily when you're downloading something using UC Browser. UC Browser is a web browser that you can use on your phone or tablet, and it works on Android, iOS (like iPhones and iPads), and Chrome OS (which is what some laptops use). However, it's important to note that UC Browser is no longer available for iOS and Chrome OS.

So, what does a .DLTEMP file do? Imagine you're downloading a game or a big file, and for some reason, the download stops before it's finished. This could be because you lost internet connection or you paused the download. The .DLTEMP file is like a bookmark that saves your place, so you can start the download again from where it left off instead of starting over from the beginning.

To open a .DLTEMP file, you need to have UC Browser installed on your device. If you're using an Android phone or tablet, you can use UC Browser to open and manage these files.

If your download gets interrupted and you can't seem to resume it, there's a trick you can try. You can find the .DLTEMP file and the partially downloaded file in the "UCDownloads" folder, which is UC Browser's default folder for downloads. You can move these files to a different folder using a file manager app, then delete the originals from the "UCDownloads" folder. After that, move the files back into the "UCDownloads" folder, and you should be able to resume your download.

Remember, UC Browser and the .DLTEMP files are part of a system developed by UCWeb, a company from China, but it's now owned by the Alibaba Group, which is a big tech company also based in China.


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