.DMSM3D File Extension

A .DMSM3D file is a VideoWave 3D Movie Project File, created by Sonic Solutions.

Open with Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9. Available for Windows.

What is a .DMSM3D file?

The file extension .DMSM3D refers to a VideoWave 3D Movie Project File, which is a type of media production file. This file is created using VideoWave, a movie editing software that is part of the Roxio Creator suite. The .DMSM3D file contains a video project that may include various elements such as movie clips, transitions between scenes, special effects, audio tracks, and photos for slideshows. This file format is primarily used to save the ongoing work and progress of a video editing project, allowing the user to return and make further edits or adjustments.

To open a .DMSM3D file, you can use the program Roxio Creator NXT Pro 9, which supports this specific file type. Within this software, you can continue editing the video project, adding more content or refining the existing elements.

Additionally, once the video editing is complete, the project file (.DMSM3D) can be exported into various video formats for playback or sharing. Some of the supported export formats include .AVI, .3GP, .WMV, .MP2, and .MP4. The software also allows exporting the project to formats compatible with devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Sony PSP, making it versatile for different viewing platforms.

It's important to note that while .DMSM3D is used for 3D movie projects, VideoWave projects more commonly use the .DMSM file extension for standard (non-3D) video projects.


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