.DTSHD File Extension

A .DTSHD file is a DTS-HD Master Audio File, created by DTS.

Open with DTS-HD Master Audio Suite. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .DTSHD file?

The file extension .DTSHD represents a DTS-HD Master Audio File. This type of audio file is commonly used in the production of Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. The .DTSHD file contains audio data that can be stored in two different formats: lossless or lossy. A lossless format means that the audio data is stored without any loss of quality from the original source, ensuring the highest possible sound quality. On the other hand, a lossy format compresses the audio data, which can result in some loss of quality, but typically makes the file size smaller.

These .DTSHD files are often used together with video data to create Blu-ray discs that offer surround sound, enhancing the movie-watching experience with high-quality audio that complements the high-definition video.

To open or work with .DTSHD files, you can use software programs like the DTS-HD Master Audio Suite or the DTS Surround Audio Suite. These programs are designed to handle the specific requirements of DTS-HD audio files, including editing and authoring audio for high-definition video formats.

Additionally, it's worth noting that if a .DTSHD file is in a lossy format, it can be reconstructed back into a high-quality stream using the DTS-HD Master Audio Suite, which allows for flexibility in managing audio quality and file size.


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