.ECAR File Extension

A .ECAR file is a DIKSHA Offline Content Archive, created by DIKSHA.

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What is a .ECAR file?

An ECAR file is a special type of file used by the DIKSHA app, which is an educational application provided by the Government of India. This app is designed to help people learn various subjects through their Android devices. The "ECAR" in the file extension stands for DIKSHA Offline Content Archive. This means that the file is a collection of educational materials like videos or documents that you can use without needing an internet connection.

The ECAR file is actually a compressed file, similar to a ZIP file. This compression helps in making the file size smaller so it's easier and faster to download and share. Even though these files are meant to be opened and used within the DIKSHA app, there's a neat trick you can do if you want to see what's inside an ECAR file without using the app. You can change the file's extension from .ECAR to .ZIP. The extension is the part of the file name that comes after the dot. By renaming it to .ZIP, you're telling your computer or device that it's a ZIP file, which is a common type of compressed file.

Once you've changed the extension to .ZIP, you can open the file with any program that can handle ZIP files. This could be a built-in tool on your computer or a separate application you download. When you open the ZIP file, you'll see the contents inside, which could be videos, documents, or other types of educational materials.

To summarize, ECAR files are used by the DIKSHA app to store educational content for offline use. If you're curious about what's inside an ECAR file, you can rename it to .ZIP and open it with any ZIP decompression tool to explore its contents.


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