.ECFG File Extension

A .ECFG file is a ArcGIS Component Configuration File, created by ESRI.

Open with ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop. Available for Windows.

What is a .ECFG file?

An .ECFG file is a special type of file that helps the ArcGIS program work with extra features or tools that are not originally part of the program. ArcGIS is a computer program used by people to make, share, and look after maps and information about places. These .ECFG files contain important details that tell ArcGIS how to use additional parts, like tools or functions, that are made by other people or companies, not by the makers of ArcGIS.

To use these extra features in ArcGIS, the program needs to read the .ECFG file when it starts. This file acts like a set of instructions, telling ArcGIS about the new features and how to make them work properly. It's a bit like adding a new piece of furniture to your house and following the instruction manual to put it together and place it where it fits.

To open or work with an .ECFG file, you need to have the ArcGIS program on your computer, specifically the version called ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop. This is because the .ECFG file is designed to work with this program and won't work with other programs.

The use of .ECFG files started with version 10 of ArcGIS. Before this version, ArcGIS used a different way to add new features, involving something called the system registry. But from version 10 onwards, ArcGIS started using .ECFG files instead. These files are made using a tool provided by ESRI, the company that makes ArcGIS, and this tool helps developers tell ArcGIS about their new features, including what they do and how they fit into the program.

It's important to note that if you're using these .ECFG files, they need to be placed in a specific folder that matches the version of ArcGIS you're using. If they're not in the right place, ArcGIS won't be able to find and use the new features described in the .ECFG files.


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