.EDAT File Extension

A .EDAT file is a Sony Encrypted Data File, created by Psychology Software Tools.

Open with Psychology Software Tools E-Prime. Available for Windows.

What is a .EDAT file?

The .EDAT file is a type of file that is made by a program called E-DataAid, which is part of the E-Prime software package. E-Prime is a set of tools used by researchers, especially those studying psychology, to run experiments. These experiments can be about how people behave, how their brains work when they are doing something, or how their eyes move.

When researchers collect information from people taking part in their studies, this information needs to be saved somewhere. That's where the .EDAT file comes in. It is like a box where all the answers and data from participants are kept. Inside this box, the information is arranged in rows and columns, making it easy to understand and analyze later.

Researchers might want to look at this data in different ways or use special programs to analyze it. The good news is that the data in .EDAT files can be moved into other formats or programs like StatView, SPSS (which is used for statistics), Microsoft Excel (a spreadsheet program), Compressed IFIS, and even simple text files. This makes it easier for researchers to study the data and find out interesting things from their experiments.

To open an .EDAT file, you need to use the Psychology Software Tools E-Prime. This is the main program that understands how to read and work with these files. It's important to note that there is a newer version of E-DataAid that saves files with a different extension, .EDAT2, so if you're working with the latest version, you'll see this new type of file.

In summary, the .EDAT file is a crucial part of how researchers using E-Prime software save and work with the data they collect from their studies. It helps them organize the information and prepare it for analysis, so they can learn more about human behavior and the brain.


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