.EDOC File Extension

A .EDOC file is a Electronically Certified Document, created by N/A.

Open with EUSO SignAnywhere. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .EDOC file?

An EDOC file is a special kind of document that is used mainly in Latvia. It's like a regular document but with extra security. This file is made to keep important information safe and to prove that it's real and hasn't been changed. Inside an EDOC file, you can find things like letters or reports, and it can also have other files attached to it, kind of like when you attach files to an email. Plus, it has digital signatures, which are like electronic stamps that show who has approved the document.

EDOC files also have details about the document itself, such as who made it, when it was made, the last time someone changed it, and which version of the EDOC format it is. This helps keep track of the document's history and ensures it's the real deal.

To open an EDOC file, you need special programs. In Latvia, people often use programs called EUSO SignAnywhere and eParakstītājs. These programs help you view, sign, or check the document to make sure it's authentic and hasn't been tampered with.


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