.ESLOCK File Extension

A .ESLOCK file is a ES File Explorer File Manager Encrypted File, created by ES APP Group.

Open with Android. Available for .

What is a .ESLOCK file?

An .ESLOCK file is a type of file that has been made private and secure by using a special app called ES File Explorer File Manager, which is made for Android devices. This app helps you organize and take care of your files on your phone or tablet. When you want to keep a file safe, like a picture (.JPG) or a document (.XLSX), you can use this app to lock it. This means the file is scrambled so no one can see what's inside unless they have the right password. After locking, the file's name changes to something that looks like a random mix of numbers and letters, and it ends with ".eslock", for example, "asd496gfr04.eslock".

To look at or use the file again, you need to open it with the ES File Explorer File Manager app on an Android device, and you must know the password you set. This app is very good at keeping your files safe because it uses a strong type of protection called AES 256-bit encryption. However, if you forget your password, the app won't let you get to your file.

Don't worry if you forget your password, though. There's another app called Roosters Lab ESLock File Recovery that can help you get back into your locked files without needing the password. This can be really helpful if you have important files that you can't access anymore because you forgot how to unlock them.


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