.FE_TMP File Extension

A .FE_TMP file is a Mi File Explorer Temporary File, created by Xiaomi.

Open with Android. Available for .

What is a .FE_TMP file?

An .FE_TMP file is a kind of temporary file that gets made by an app called Mi File Explorer. This app is used on Xiaomi smartphones to help people manage their files, like looking at them, moving them around, copying, deleting, or sharing them with others. When you do something with your files using Mi File Explorer, like moving a file to a new place, copying it, or deleting it, the app makes an .FE_TMP file. This file is supposed to be temporary, meaning it should go away on its own once Mi File Explorer is done with the file task it was doing. However, sometimes Mi File Explorer doesn't get rid of the .FE_TMP file like it's supposed to. When this happens, it can make the phone think there's something wrong with the SD card inside it.

If you find that your phone is having trouble with its SD card and you think it might be because of these .FE_TMP files, you might need to use a different app to look for and delete those files. These files are often found in the main area, or "root directory," of the SD card. You could use another file manager app or a special program designed to help recover or manage files, like TeamWin Recovery Project, to get rid of them.

To stop this problem from happening again, you might decide to use a different app instead of Mi File Explorer when you want to move, copy, delete, or share files. This way, you can avoid making more .FE_TMP files that could cause problems.

Remember, if you're moving files to another place like a USB flash drive, Mi File Explorer might put an .FE_TMP file there too. So, it's not just SD cards that can be affected.


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