.FGSF File Extension

A .FGSF file is a Files by Google Safe Folder Encrypted File, created by Google.

Open with Android. Available for .

What is a .FGSF file?

A .FGSF file is a type of file that has been encrypted and given a new name by the app called Files by Google. This app is designed to help manage files on Android and ChromeOS devices. The .FGSF file is created when a user decides to move a file, like a sensitive document, photo, or video, into what is known as the Safe folder within the Files by Google app. This Safe folder helps keep certain files private by encrypting them and requiring a password to access them.

To open a .FGSF file, you need to use the Files by Google app on an Android device or a device running ChromeOS. Here’s how you can work with these files: 1. **Set Up Safe Folder**: Before you can start using the Safe folder, you need to set it up by choosing a password, PIN, or pattern that will be used to lock and unlock the folder.

2. **Move Files to Safe Folder**: To encrypt a file and change its extension to .FGSF, open the Files by Google app, find the file you want to protect, tap the three-dot menu next to the file, and select "Move to Safe folder." You will then be asked to enter your PIN or pattern.

3. **Access Files in Safe Folder**: To view or manage files you’ve moved to the Safe folder, open the folder in the Files by Google app and enter your PIN or pattern to unlock it.

Files by Google not only helps in managing and organizing files but also provides features to share, search, and back up files on your device. The Safe folder feature is particularly useful for keeping sensitive information secure from others who might use your device.


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