A .FREECELLSAVE-MS file is a Microsoft FreeCell Saved Game, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Cell+. Available for Windows.

What is a .FREECELLSAVE-MS file?

The file extension .FREECELLSAVE-MS is a type of file used by Microsoft FreeCell, which is a solitaire card game that comes for free with Microsoft Games for Windows. This file is essentially a saved game file. What this means is that when someone is playing FreeCell and they decide to stop playing before the game is finished, they can save their game. By saving the game, all the moves made, the cards that are showing, and the overall state of the game at that moment are stored in a .FREECELLSAVE-MS file. This is very useful because it allows the player to close the game and then, at a later time, open it again and continue playing right from where they left off, without losing any progress.

To open a .FREECELLSAVE-MS file, you would need to use the program Microsoft Cell+. This program understands how to read the saved game file and can restore the game to its saved state, allowing the player to continue the game. Essentially, Microsoft Cell+ is the tool that can open, read, and let you play your saved FreeCell games stored in .FREECELLSAVE-MS files.


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