.FSTAB File Extension

A .FSTAB file is a File Systems Table File, created by N/A.

Open with mount. Available for Linux.

What is a .FSTAB file?

The .FSTAB file extension stands for "File Systems Table File." This type of file is a system configuration file that is used by various Linux distributions, including Debian, as well as on Android devices starting from version 2.2 and later. The purpose of an .FSTAB file is to specify how different storage devices, such as hard drives, disk partitions, and remote file systems, should be managed and integrated into the main file system of the operating system.

In more detail, the .FSTAB file contains important settings that tell the system how to initialize these storage devices when the computer starts up. For example, it includes information about where each device should be mounted in the file system, what type of file system each device uses (like ext4 or NTFS), and specific options that should be applied when the device is mounted.

Programs that can open .FSTAB files include: - The "mount" command in Linux, which reads the .FSTAB file to understand how to properly mount each device. - On Android devices, file management apps like JRummy Apps Root Browser+ and Speed Software Root Explorer can be used to view and edit .FSTAB files. These files are typically named vold.fstab and can be found in the /system/core/rootdir/etc/ directory.

The .FSTAB file also includes details such as whether a file system should be automatically mounted when the system boots up, and the order in which the file system check (fsck) utility should check the partitions for errors during the system's startup process.

It's important to note that editing an .FSTAB file should be done with caution, as incorrect settings can lead to system boot issues or other operational problems. Always ensure you have proper knowledge or consult with an expert before making changes to system configuration files like .FSTAB.


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