.FXML File Extension

A .FXML file is a FXML Source Code File, created by Oracle.

Open with Oracle JavaFX Scene Builder (Discontinued). Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .FXML file?

The file extension .FXML refers to an FXML Source Code File. This type of file contains code written in FXML, a programming language developed by Oracle Corporation. FXML is used specifically for designing user interfaces in applications that use JavaFX 2.0, a technology for building rich internet applications. The structure of FXML is based on XML, which is another type of code that uses the .XML file extension.

FXML files are important because they allow developers to define user interfaces separately from the main application logic. This separation makes the design process more organized and easier to manage. Typically, FXML files are used together with .JAVA files, which contain the application's main programming logic.

To open and work with .FXML files, you can use several software programs. Although Oracle JavaFX Scene Builder, which was specifically designed for this purpose, has been discontinued, other programs like Apache NetBeans and Eclipse IDE for Java Developers support FXML files. These integrated development environments (IDEs) provide tools that help developers write, edit, and manage their FXML code effectively.

In summary, .FXML files are crucial for developers using JavaFX to create visually appealing and functional user interfaces for their applications. They are supported by powerful development tools like Apache NetBeans and Eclipse IDE, which facilitate the creation and management of complex applications.


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