.GIFV File Extension

A .GIFV file is a GIF Video File, created by Imgur.

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What is a .GIFV file?

A .GIFV file is a type of video file that was created by Imgur to make improvements on the traditional GIF format. GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is commonly used for sharing short, looping animations online. However, GIF files can be large in size and slow to load. To address this, Imgur developed the GIFV format under their "Project GIFV" initiative.

The GIFV format essentially takes a video that is compressed using the H.264 video codec, which is a standard for video compression that reduces file size while maintaining quality, and stores it in an .MP4 file container. This means that although it behaves like a GIF, it's actually a video file. This change significantly reduces the file size compared to traditional GIFs, allowing for quicker loading times and less bandwidth usage when viewing online.

To open a .GIFV file, you can use any web browser, as the format is supported for online viewing on websites like Imgur, which is also the platform that converts traditional GIF files into the GIFV format when they are uploaded. Additionally, Imgur apps on iOS and Android devices can open and display GIFV files.

In summary, the .GIFV file extension represents a video file that looks and acts like a GIF but is smaller in size, loads faster, and is supported by modern video compression technology. It can be opened using web browsers and Imgur's mobile applications.


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