.GMMOD File Extension

A .GMMOD file is a Game Maker 3D Model File, created by YoYo Games.

Open with Model Creator for Game Maker. Available for Windows.

What is a .GMMOD file?

The .GMMOD file extension is for a type of file called a Game Maker 3D Model File. This file is made using a special program called Model Creator for Game Maker. This program is designed to help people create 3D models, which are like digital sculptures or objects. These models can be used in video games made with Game Maker.

The .GMMOD file is similar to another type of file used in Game Maker called a .D3D file, but it has its own unique file extension. The information inside a .GMMOD file is written in plain text, which means you can open it with a text editor, but it's meant to be read by the program that created it. This file contains details about the 3D model's structure, like its points (vertices) and shapes, which tell the computer how to draw the model in three dimensions.

If you want to open a .GMMOD file, you can use the Model Creator for Game Maker program. This is the same program used to create these files. Another program that can work with .GMMOD files is YoYo Games GameMaker: Studio, which is a more advanced game development tool. Both of these programs can use the information in a .GMMOD file to display 3D objects in games.

Additionally, the Model Creator for Game Maker has a feature that can turn the 3D model in a .GMMOD file into a Game Maker Language (.GML) file. This .GML file can then be used to load the 3D model directly into a Game Maker game, making it easier to include 3D objects in your game projects.


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