.GNUMERIC File Extension

A .GNUMERIC file is a Gnumeric Spreadsheet, created by The GNOME Project.

Open with Gnumeric. Available for Linux.

What is a .GNUMERIC file?

The file extension .GNUMERIC is used for a type of file known as a Gnumeric Spreadsheet. This kind of file is made by a program called Gnumeric, which is a free tool for creating and editing spreadsheets. Gnumeric is part of a larger collection of free software called the GNOME Free Software Desktop Project, which offers various applications for desktop computers.

A Gnumeric Spreadsheet file contains several important elements that make up a spreadsheet. These include the layout or how the spreadsheet looks (formatting information), any charts or graphs that have been added to represent the data visually, mathematical formulas that perform calculations based on the data, and of course, the data itself, which is the information you've entered into the spreadsheet's cells.

To open a file with the .GNUMERIC extension, you would primarily use the Gnumeric program itself, as it is specifically designed to work with these files. Gnumeric allows you to view and edit the spreadsheet, including changing the data, updating formulas, modifying the formatting, and adjusting charts as needed. Since Gnumeric is an open-source program, it means that it's freely available for anyone to download and use, making it an accessible option for managing spreadsheet files in the .GNUMERIC format.


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