.HMXP File Extension

A .HMXP file is a Help & Manual XML Project, created by EC Software.

Open with EC Software Help+Manual. Available for Windows.

What is a .HMXP file?

The .HMXP file extension is associated with a type of file known as a Help & Manual XML Project. This kind of file is specifically created by a software called Help & Manual, which is designed to help users create help documentation for software applications. The .HMXP file contains information in XML format about the project, including references to various files that are part of the project, like text documents and settings that determine how the project behaves or appears. However, it's important to note that the .HMXP file itself does not include the actual content files, such as images or videos, that might be part of the help documentation. Instead, it only contains links or references to these files, which need to be stored separately.

This is different from another file type used by Help & Manual, known as .HMXZ files. The .HMXZ files are more comprehensive because they include all the project assets, like images and videos, packed together in one single archive file. This makes .HMXZ files more convenient for sharing or transferring a complete project because everything is contained in one file.

To open a .HMXP file, you would need to use the EC Software Help+Manual program. This software is specifically designed to work with .HMXP files, allowing you to edit the help documentation project, manage project settings, and compile the final help documentation. Without this program, it would be challenging to properly access or modify the contents of a .HMXP file since it requires the specific structure and features provided by Help & Manual.


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