.ILOGICVB File Extension

A .ILOGICVB file is a iLogic VB File, created by Autodesk.

Open with Autodesk Inventor 2022. Available for Windows.

What is a .ILOGICVB file?

An .ILOGICVB file is a special kind of file used with Autodesk Inventor, a program for designing and engineering. This file contains code written in Visual Basic (VB.NET) that helps automate and standardize the way designs are made in Inventor. iLogic, a tool within Autodesk Inventor, uses these files to control different parts of a design, like features, components, or measurements.

To open an .ILOGICVB file, you need Autodesk Inventor 2022 or a newer version. This program understands the code inside the .ILOGICVB file and can use it to make designing easier and more efficient.

iLogic in Autodesk Inventor has several parts, including rules, forms, global forms, and external rules. Rules are instructions that live inside your Inventor document. External rules, which are often stored in .ILOGICVB files (but can also be in .VB or .TXT files), are instructions that are kept outside your document. These external rules can be used in different Inventor projects.

To make a new rule in Inventor, you go to the "Manage" tab, find the "iLogic" section, and click "Add Rule". After you name your rule and click "OK", you've created a rule that lives inside your document. If you want to make an external rule, you start by making a rule inside Inventor. Then, you copy the code from that rule and paste it into a new external rule that you create in the iLogic Browser under the "External Rules" tab. You can save this as an .ILOGICVB file.

If you need to change an external rule later, you just find the rule in the iLogic Browser, open the "Edit Rule" dialog, and double-click the rule you want to edit. This makes it easy to update your automation scripts as your design needs change.


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