.IMAGELIST File Extension

A .IMAGELIST file is a Where's My ... ? Image List, created by Disney Mobile.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .IMAGELIST file?

An .IMAGELIST file is a simple text file that is used in the mobile puzzle game called Where's My Water? or other games from the Where's My ... ? series. This file contains a list of all the textures that are used in the game. Textures are pictures or patterns that are applied to the characters, backgrounds, and objects in the game to make them look more realistic or interesting. The game reads the .IMAGELIST file to know which textures to use and where to put them in the game.

You can open an .IMAGELIST file with several different programs. Since it's a plain text file, you can use basic text editing programs that are found on most computers. Here are some options: 1. **Vim**: This is a powerful text editor used by programmers and advanced users. It's available for free on many operating systems. 2. **GNU Emacs**: Another advanced text editor that's free and available on multiple platforms. It's known for its flexibility and can be customized. 3. **Microsoft Notepad**: This is a very simple text editor that comes with all versions of Windows. It's very easy to use for basic editing tasks. 4. **Apple TextEdit**: Similar to Notepad but for Mac computers, TextEdit comes included with the macOS operating system. It can open plain text files like .IMAGELIST. 5. **Any text editor**: Besides the ones mentioned, there are many other text editors you can use, depending on your preference and operating system.

It's important to note that GitHub Atom, which is listed as a program to open these files, has been discontinued. This means it's no longer being updated, but if you already have it installed, it can still open .IMAGELIST files.

For mobile users, the Where's My Water? game itself on iOS and Android can open and use .IMAGELIST files as part of its game mechanics, but as a player, you typically won't need to open these files directly.


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