.IPCC File Extension

A .IPCC file is a iPhone Carrier Bundle, created by Apple.

Open with Apple iTunes (Discontinued). Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .IPCC file?

The .IPCC file extension stands for iPhone Carrier Bundle. This type of file is essentially a zip archive specifically designed for iPhones. It contains all the customized settings provided by mobile phone carriers. These settings include important information like voice mail numbers and APN (Access Point Name) settings, which help your iPhone connect to the internet and carrier services correctly.

Inside an .IPCC file, there is a folder named Payload. This folder contains the actual carrier bundle and a symbolic link, which is a type of shortcut that points to a file or folder.

Originally, .IPCC files could be opened and managed using Apple iTunes, a popular software for managing content on Apple devices. However, Apple has discontinued iTunes, and now these files are typically managed directly through updates on the iPhone or via the Finder application on macOS Catalina and later versions. If you need to manually update or modify the .IPCC file, it generally requires specific instructions from the carrier or advanced tools designed for developers.


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