.IROCK File Extension

A .IROCK file is a intelliRock Sensor Data File, created by Engius.

Open with Engius rockWare. Available for Windows.

What is a .IROCK file?

The .IROCK file extension is a special type of data file used by devices called intelliRock and intelliRock II. These devices are used to measure different physical properties of concrete as it hardens and cures in real life, like its temperature and strength. The information these devices gather is very important for construction projects to make sure the concrete is strong enough and cures properly.

The data collected by the intelliRock devices is saved in a file format known as .IROCK, which stands for intelliRock Sensor Data File. This format is designed to keep the data safe and unchanged, which means it's encrypted and cannot be altered. This is very important because it ensures that the measurements are accurate and reliable, which is crucial for construction safety and quality.

To view or analyze the data collected by intelliRock devices, you need a specific program called Engius rockWare. This software allows you to transfer the .IROCK files from the intelliRock devices to a computer. Once the files are on a computer, the rockWare software can be used to open and look at the data inside the .IROCK files. This lets engineers and construction professionals analyze the concrete's properties and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

In summary, .IROCK files are used to store encrypted, unchangeable data from concrete measuring devices. These files can be opened and analyzed on a computer using the Engius rockWare program, helping ensure that construction projects use concrete that meets all the necessary standards and specifications.


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