.ISDATA File Extension

A .ISDATA file is a Icon Services Data, created by Apple.

Open with Apple macOS (Included with OS). Available for Mac.

What is a .ISDATA file?

An .ISDATA file is a special type of file that is used by computers running macOS, which is an operating system made by Apple. This file is known as an Icon Services Data file. It's like a storage box where macOS keeps pictures of icons that it uses often. By keeping these pictures in the .ISDATA file, your computer can show you icons faster because it remembers them instead of having to draw them from scratch every time.

The name of an .ISDATA file is a bit unusual. It looks like a random mix of letters and numbers, which is called a UUID (for example, 1AEDA0FE-C8DB-52F8-3A88-57A134262EB1), and then it ends with ".isdata". This unique name helps macOS keep track of each file without getting them mixed up.

If you're using a Mac computer, you don't need to download or install any special software to open an .ISDATA file because macOS already knows how to handle it. This is because the ability to work with .ISDATA files is included with the macOS operating system. So, when macOS needs to use the icon pictures stored in these files, it does so automatically without you having to do anything.


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