.JAVA File Extension

A .JAVA file is a Java Source Code File, created by Oracle.

Open with Oracle Java Virtual Machine. Available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

What is a .JAVA file?

A .JAVA file is a type of document that contains Java programming language code. Java is a special computer language designed to create software that can work on many different types of computers and devices. It was first made by a company called Sun Microsystems, which is now part of Oracle Corporation. Java is known for its ability to let programmers create structured programs using something called "classes" to make objects when the program runs.

To open and work with a .JAVA file, you can use various programs depending on your computer or device. Some of these programs include: - Oracle Java Virtual Machine: A core program that lets you run Java applications. - Eclipse IDE for Java Developers: A tool that helps developers write and manage Java code easily. - Google Android Studio: A program designed for creating apps on Android devices. - Apache NetBeans: Another development tool for writing Java applications. - javac: This is a command-line tool that turns your Java code into a format that can run on computers. - GNU Emacs, Vi, and other text editors: Basic tools that let you write and edit Java code. - File Viewer Plus (available from Microsoft): A program that can open and view various file types, including .JAVA files.

For Mac users, additional options include Apple Xcode, MacroMates TextMate, and MacVim. Android and Chrome OS users can use specific apps like File Viewer for Android to open .JAVA files.

After you write Java code in a .JAVA file, you need to turn it into a .CLASS file using a Java compiler, like the javac command. This .CLASS file contains "bytecode," which the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) can understand and run on different operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

It's important to note that although Android apps are written in Java, they use a special system called the Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM) instead of the standard JVM. The DVM is designed to work well on Android devices.


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