.JBIG File Extension

A .JBIG file is a Joint Bi-level Image Group File, created by Joint Bi-level Image Group.

Open with Newera Graphics Converter Pro. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .JBIG file?

A .JBIG file is a type of image file that is made in a special format called Joint Bi-level Image Group File. This format is used to save images that are only in black and white colors, which means they don't have any shades of gray or other colors. These images are very simple because they only use 1 bit to represent each pixel, making them either black or white. The special thing about .JBIG files is that they use a technique to make the file size smaller without losing any quality of the image. This technique is called lossless compression. It's better at making files smaller than another method used for black and white images, known as the CCITT Group 4 algorithm. Because of this, .JBIG files are often used to send images over fax machines, as they can be sent quickly due to their small size.

To open a .JBIG file, you can use programs like Newera Graphics Converter Pro, XnViewMP, or ToyViewer. These programs can read the .JBIG file and let you see the image on your computer.

It's important to know that the .JBIG format has an updated version called JBIG2, which is saved with a .JB2 file extension. JBIG2 is even better at compressing images, making the files smaller than the original JBIG format. Sometimes, you might also see .JBIG files with a different extension, .JBG, but it's just another way to name these files.


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