.JSON File Extension

A .JSON file is a JavaScript Object Notation File, created by Douglas Crockford.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .JSON file?

A .JSON file is a type of file that stores information in a way that's easy to send between a website and a server. This information is written in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), which is a common way to format data so that it's easy for both humans and computers to read. JSON files are simple, text-based, and not heavy, meaning they don't take up much space on your computer. You can open and change them with any program that lets you edit text, like Notepad or Microsoft WordPad, which come with your computer, or other programs you can download, such as Notepad++ or Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Many different programs can open JSON files. For example, text editors like Vim, Pico, and GNU Emacs are good choices for people who are comfortable with coding and command-line tools. If you prefer a graphical interface, you might like Microsoft Visual Studio Code or Notepad++. Since JSON files are just text, web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can also display them directly. This is handy for quickly looking at the contents without needing to edit them.

Some specific applications, like File Viewer Plus, are designed to open a wide variety of file types, including JSON files. This can be useful if you want a single program to handle many different kinds of files.

JSON is not just for storing data; it's also used to move data around the internet. For example, when you use a web application, it might send and receive JSON files to communicate with the server. This is because JSON is easy for both humans and machines to understand, and it works well on the internet.

Even though JSON is closely related to JavaScript, it's actually a format that can be used with many different programming languages, making it very versatile. Some websites and applications let you download your data as JSON files. For example, you used to be able to download your profile data from Google+ in JSON format. Firefox also uses JSON to save backups of your bookmarks, which you can then import into another browser if you need to.

In summary, JSON files are a simple, flexible way to store and exchange data. You can open them with many different programs, from simple text editors to web browsers and specialized file viewers. Whether you're a programmer or just someone who needs to look at or edit a JSON file, there's likely a tool that fits your needs.


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