.LITAR File Extension

A .LITAR file is a Litar Virus Encrypted File, created by N/A.

Open with System Restore. Available for Windows.

What is a .LITAR file?

File Extension: .LITAR File Type: Litar Virus Encrypted File Description: A .LITAR file is a type of file that has been encrypted and altered by a specific computer virus known as the Litar virus. This virus is a form of malware called STOP ransomware, which is used by cybercriminals to attack and take control of files on a person's computer. Originally, the file could have been any common type, such as a document (.PDF), video (.WMV), audio (.MP3), or backup file (.BAK). However, once the Litar virus infects these files, it encrypts (scrambles the data so it cannot be read or used) and renames them by adding the .LITAR extension at the end. For instance, a document named "report.docx" would be changed to "report.docx.litar" after encryption.

The Litar virus became widely recognized in June 2019 and has since been a threat to computer users. The main goal of this virus is to lock users out of their files and then demand payment, typically in bitcoin, to unlock them. This type of cyberattack is known as ransomware.

How the Virus Spreads: The Litar virus commonly spreads through deceptive methods such as phishing. Phishing involves sending spam emails that appear legitimate but contain malicious attachments. When an unsuspecting user opens one of these attachments, the virus is installed on their computer. Other methods of spreading the virus include misleading links that appear to be from reputable sources like PayPal, or corrupted links shared via Google Drive, and even fake buttons on social media platforms.

Once installed on a computer, the virus quickly begins to encrypt files, rename them, and restrict access. Alongside encrypting files, the virus also creates a ransom note, typically a text file named "_readme.txt," which explains to the victim what has happened and provides instructions on how to pay the ransom to regain access to their files.

Programs to Open .LITAR Files: Currently, there are no specific programs designed to open or restore .LITAR files because they are encrypted and locked by the virus. The only way to potentially recover these files is by using a system restore if the user has previously set up a backup of their data before the infection occurred. It is crucial to maintain regular backups of important data to avoid loss in such situations.

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