A .MAHJONGTITANSSAVE-MS file is a Mahjong Titans Saved Game, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Mahjong+. Available for Windows.


The file extension .MAHJONGTITANSSAVE-MS is associated with a Mahjong Titans Saved Game. This type of file is created by the game Mahjong Titans, which is a version of the classic tile-matching puzzle game mahjong, designed to be played solo. Mahjong Titans comes pre-installed on computers running Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

The purpose of a .MAHJONGTITANSSAVE-MS file is to store the progress of a game that is currently being played. When you save a game in Mahjong Titans, the game's current state, including the arrangement of tiles and any moves made, is saved into this file. This allows you to close the game and then reopen it later, resuming exactly where you left off without losing any progress.

To open a .MAHJONGTITANSSAVE-MS file, you need to use the Microsoft Mahjong+ program. This program is an updated version of Mahjong Titans, offering enhanced features and compatibility with newer versions of Windows beyond Vista and Windows 7. By opening the saved game file with Microsoft Mahjong+, you can continue playing your saved game on a newer computer or operating system.


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