.MAKEFILE File Extension

A .MAKEFILE file is a Makefile, created by N/A.

Open with Sublime Text. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .MAKEFILE file?

A .MAKEFILE is a type of file used by the Make utility, which is a program designed to automate the process of compiling and building software projects. The contents of a Makefile include a set of directives or commands that tell the Make utility how to compile the software and which commands to run in the shell environment it operates in. These commands are specific to the shell type (like Bash or PowerShell) and are not universally applicable across different shell environments.

The primary purpose of a Makefile is to streamline the building of libraries and executable programs from source code, making it easier to manage large projects with multiple components. It specifies how to compile each part of the project and the dependencies between different parts, so that only the necessary components are recompiled when changes are made.

To open and work with a .MAKEFILE, you can use several text editors and integrated development environments (IDEs) that support syntax highlighting and other features to aid in editing Makefiles. Some of the programs that can open .MAKEFILEs include: 1. **Sublime Text** - A versatile text editor that supports many programming languages and markup languages. 2. **GNU Make** - The standard utility for processing Makefiles and executing their directives. 3. **Microsoft Visual Studio Code** - A popular, open-source IDE that supports a wide range of programming languages and tools, including Makefile support through extensions. 4. **Microsoft Visual Studio 2022+** - An advanced IDE that supports Makefile projects, particularly useful for larger software development projects. 5. **File Viewer for Android** - An application that allows you to view a variety of file types, including Makefiles, directly on Android devices.

It's important to note that GitHub Atom, previously listed as a program to open Makefiles, has been discontinued and is no longer available for download or use.


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