.MELTEM File Extension

A .MELTEM file is a Mellel Template, created by Mellel.

Open with Mellel. Available for Mac.

What is a .MELTEM file?

A .MELTEM file is a type of template file specifically used by Mellel, which is a word processing program designed for macOS and iOS devices. This file helps users by providing a pre-set structure for new documents. It includes predefined settings such as text styles, table formats, and other layout elements. This is particularly useful because it allows users to create new documents that have a consistent look and feel without having to set up everything from scratch each time.

The .MELTEM file serves as a starting point for creating multiple .MELLEL documents, which are the standard file format for documents created in Mellel. By using a .MELTEM template, users can ensure that all their documents maintain a uniform style and structure, which can be very helpful for projects requiring a professional and consistent appearance.

To open a .MELTEM file, you need to use the Mellel program on either a macOS or iOS device. Mellel is specifically tailored to work with these types of files and is the best tool for accessing and using the contents of a .MELTEM file effectively.


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