.MGTHEME File Extension

A .MGTHEME file is a MacGourmet Theme File, created by Mariner Software.

Open with Mariner MacGourmet Deluxe. Available for Mac.

What is a .MGTHEME file?

The file extension .MGTHEME refers to a MacGourmet Theme File. This type of file is specifically used by the software MacGourmet, which is a program designed for managing and organizing cookbook recipes. The .MGTHEME file contains data that determines how recipes are displayed within the program. It includes references to various files that help define the visual layout and settings, such as .HTML files for the structure of the page, .CSS files for styling, and image files for graphical elements.

These theme files are essential for customizing the appearance or "look and feel" of the user interface in MacGourmet. This means that by using different .MGTHEME files, users can change how the recipe information is presented, making it visually appealing or easier to read according to their preferences.

To open or modify .MGTHEME files, you would typically use Mariner MacGourmet Deluxe, which is the advanced version of the MacGourmet software. Within this program, you can set or change the theme by navigating to the Preferences section. This is done by selecting "MacGourmet Deluxe" from the menu, then "Preferences," and finally choosing a "Display template" from the options under the General tab. This allows users to select different themes to alter how their recipes are displayed in the application.


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