.MINIPSF File Extension

A .MINIPSF file is a Miniature PlayStation Sound Format File, created by N/A.

Open with Audio Overload. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .MINIPSF file?

The .MINIPSF file extension stands for Miniature PlayStation Sound Format File. This type of audio file is closely related to the .PSF file, which is known as a Portable Sound File. Both types of files are used to store audio data, but the .MINIPSF file is specifically designed to contain imported sequence data for songs. These songs are typically associated with .PSFLIB files, which must be located in the same directory as the .MINIPSF file for it to function properly.

The .MINIPSF file relies on accessing driver code and sound banks from the .PSFLIB files to operate correctly. This means that without the .PSFLIB files, the .MINIPSF file cannot be used as intended. Additionally, .MINIPSF files can be compressed using zlib compression. This compression helps to reduce the file size, making the files take up less space on a storage device and potentially improving loading times and efficiency when the files are used.

The .MINIPSF file format is commonly associated with the Sony PlayStation, a popular video game console. This format is used to handle the audio playback within PlayStation games.

To open a .MINIPSF file, you can use several different programs: 1. **Audio Overload** - This software is capable of playing back various video game music formats, including .MINIPSF files. 2. **Nullsoft Winamp with the Highly Experimental plugin** - Winamp is a well-known media player that can be extended with plugins. The Highly Experimental plugin allows Winamp to play .MINIPSF files. 3. **XMPlay with the Highly Experimental plugin** - XMPlay is another media player that supports various audio formats. With the Highly Experimental plugin, it can also handle .MINIPSF files.

These programs provide the necessary tools to access and listen to the music stored in .MINIPSF files, especially for those who enjoy game music or are involved in game development and testing.


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