.MKCD File Extension

A .MKCD file is a MakeCode Program, created by Microsoft.

Open with Web. Available for .

What is a .MKCD file?

An MKCD file is a type of file specifically used for storing programs created with Microsoft MakeCode editors. This file format is associated with two different platforms: Minecraft and Chibi Chip. Depending on where it was created, the content of an MKCD file can vary significantly.

1. **Minecraft MakeCode Programs**: If the MKCD file is created using the Minecraft MakeCode editor, it contains a program that can be used as a mod (modification) for either Minecraft for Windows 10 or Minecraft: Education Edition. These mods can add new features or change how the game behaves.

2. **Chibi Chip MakeCode Programs**: If the MKCD file is created for the Chibi Chip microcontroller using its MakeCode editor, it includes a program that can be installed directly onto a Chibi Chip microcontroller. This allows the microcontroller to perform specific tasks or actions as programmed.

The filename of an MKCD file usually starts with either "minecraft" or "chibitronics" to indicate whether it is intended for Minecraft mods or for use with a Chibi Chip microcontroller, respectively. This naming helps users easily identify the purpose of the file without opening it.

**Opening MKCD Files**: To open and work with an MKCD file, you should use the Microsoft MakeCode editors available online. These editors are web-based, meaning they can be accessed using a web browser without the need to install any software on your computer. Here’s how you can open an MKCD file: - Go to the Microsoft MakeCode website. - Choose the appropriate editor based on the prefix of your MKCD file (either Minecraft or Chibi Chip). - Use the editor’s interface to upload and modify the MKCD file as needed.

These steps will allow you to view, edit, or use the program contained within the MKCD file according to its intended platform (Minecraft or Chibi Chip).


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