.MPROJ File Extension

A .MPROJ file is a Mine-imator Project, created by David Norgren.

Open with Mine-imator. Available for Windows.

What is a .MPROJ file?

The .MPROJ file extension is associated with Mine-imator Project files. These files are created using Mine-imator, which is a program designed specifically for making animations based on the popular game Minecraft. A .MPROJ file includes various elements necessary for creating a scene, such as items, mobs (which can include players), and the terrain. Additionally, it contains an animation timeline that helps in sequencing the animation, a description of the project, and settings for the screen resolution.

When you work on a .MPROJ file in Mine-imator, you can animate the scene by arranging the items, mobs, and terrain. The animation timeline allows you to control the timing and movement of these elements within your scene. Once your animation project is complete, you can export it to an .AVI video file, which is a common video format that can be played on various media players.

To open and work with a .MPROJ file, you need to use the Mine-imator software. This is the only program specifically designed to open and manipulate Mine-imator Project files. Mine-imator provides the tools and interface necessary to create, edit, and export your Minecraft animations effectively.


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