.NESSUS File Extension

A .NESSUS file is a Nessus Network Security Scanner File, created by Tenable Network Security.

Open with Tenable Network Security Nessus. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .NESSUS file?

A .NESSUS file is a type of file created by a program called Nessus, which is used to check networks for security problems. When Nessus scans a network to find security issues, it saves the results of this scan into a file that ends with ".NESSUS". This file not only contains the details about any security weaknesses found but also includes the settings or rules used during the scan. This is helpful because it allows people to save the information from scans of either big company networks or smaller home networks. Later, these saved files can be opened again to review the findings.

To open a .NESSUS file, you need to use the Nessus program itself, which is made by a company called Tenable Network Security. This program is specifically designed to work with these files, allowing users to view the results of their network scans and understand what security risks may be present.

It's also worth noting that .NESSUS files are structured in a specific way, using something called XML formatting. This is a common way of organizing information in files so that both humans and computers can read it. Nessus introduced a new version of this formatting (Version 2) when they released Nessus version 4. However, even with this new version, the files are still compatible with older versions of Nessus, meaning you can open files created by earlier versions of the program without any problems.


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