.NSNAKE File Extension

A .NSNAKE file is a nSnake Level File, created by alexdantas.

Open with nSnake. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .NSNAKE file?

An .NSNAKE file is a specific type of file used by nSnake, which is a version of the classic video game Snake designed to be played in a Linux terminal environment. This file format is utilized to store individual game levels for nSnake. Each .NSNAKE file includes ASCII characters that map out the layout of the game level, such as walls, open spaces, and the starting position of the player, represented by different characters like # for walls and @ for the player's start.

Additionally, these files contain important metadata at the beginning, which provides details about the level such as the name of the level, the author who created it, and the date it was created. This information is crucial for identifying and organizing different levels within the game.

The .NSNAKE files are typically saved in a specific directory on a user's Linux system, located at ~/​.local/​share/​nsnake/​levels. This directory is the default location where nSnake looks for level files when loading new levels to play.

To open and edit .NSNAKE files, you can use a variety of text editors. Since the file is essentially a plain text format, any basic text editor can be used, such as: - **nSnake**: This is the primary program that uses .NSNAKE files, as it needs them to load and run different levels within the game. - **Vim**: A powerful text editor available on Linux that can handle plain text files like .NSNAKE. - **GNU Emacs**: Another comprehensive text editing tool that can be used to open and modify .NSNAKE files. - **Microsoft Notepad**: A simple text editor included with Windows operating systems that can open .NSNAKE files. - **Apple TextEdit**: The default text editor on macOS, which can also be used to view and edit .NSNAKE files.

Although GitHub Atom was mentioned as a tool to open .NSNAKE files, it's important to note that Atom has been discontinued. However, any general-purpose text editor should suffice for opening and editing these files.

For those interested in creating or modifying game levels, the nSnake community and its resources, such as the GitHub wiki for nSnake, provide guidelines and instructions on how to create custom levels using .NSNAKE files. This allows players to not only enjoy the game but also contribute to its variety by designing new levels.


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